Rev. C. Anthony Miller, Pastor, Mrs. Trina Trone, Secretary

Dear Faithful of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga Church,

 We have experienced several months of anxiety and separation from family and friends. My letter is not meant to add to the anxiety but to prepare you for when we will begin public Mass in our parish.  As a people nourished by the Eucharist, we are in the midst of being unable to receive Our Eucharistic Lord so as to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Yet while the threat remains, we seek a gradual return to the source and summit of our faith. Slowly we will begin celebrating Mass in church again.  To prepare for this transition, I will begin offering our weekday Mass on Monday, May 18th and the first weekend Mass on Saturday afternoon at 5:00 on May 23rd.  For the present time, we will not use the services of our Altar Servers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Gift Bearers or Musicians.  We will not be singing due to the wearing of masks and the removal of hymn books. Ushers will take up the collection after the Universal Prayer and put the collection in the baskets (not the bank bags) which will be placed in the confessional until after Mass.  The gifts will not be brought to the Altar.  Holy Communion will be distributed after Mass.  This ensures the possibility of social distancing, sanitary conditions for distribution, and leaves time for those who are uncomfortable receiving Holy Communion to exit the church.

Following civic and diocesan guidelines the following plan has been recommended.  Everyone is required to wear a mask.  Bring your disinfectant wipes to wipe down the place where you will be sitting before Mass and before leaving the church.  (Waste paper bins can be found at the entrances to the church.)  The parish is unable to provide masks or disinfectant wipes.  You will need to bring your own.  You are reminded that social distancing is required.  If you are uncomfortable with someone sitting too close, kindly move to another pew without creating an incident.  You may want to participate at the weekday Mass instead of the Masses on the weekend.

All Masses will be offered in the church including weekday Mass.  We will continue the regular schedule of Masses.
Saturday Vigil Mass: 5:00   (Sacrament of Penance from 4:00 - 4:45)
Sunday morning Masses: 7:00 and 10:00
Weekday morning Mass: 8:30   (Sacrament of Penance from 8:00 - 8:25) (no Mass on Thursday)

Guidelines for Mass Attendance:  Please remember that for the safety and health of everyone Bishop Gainer has issued a dispensation excusing us from attending Mass until further notice. This applies to everyone.  Additionally the following people should not attend public Mass at this time:

Those who are symptomatic or who have been exposed to another with the virus within 14 days are not permitted to enter the church, in accordance with national, state, and local health directives. All attendees are asked to check their temperature at home before coming to church and if your temperature is above normal (98.6 degrees) you may not attend.                         
Those who are at risk because of an underlying health issue are strongly encouraged, for their own health, to avoid the risk of attending public celebrations of the Mass. 
Please note:  The parish hall restrooms will not be available except for emergency use.

Please give all of the above information, as well as current government and diocesan recommendations, serious consideration.   All plans are subject to change based on civic and diocesan regulation. Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we navigate this new and necessary way to celebrate the Holy Eucharist. We are all looking forward to the days when our entire community can be together again.
Most sincerely yours in Christ,

Rev. C. Anthony Miller,